About Us

Dr Graham Barker is a graduate of Sydney Technical High School, Sydney Teachers College: STC, Moody Bible Institute (USA): BA, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (USA): MA and George Fox University (USA): MA and Psy.D. It appears as though Dr Barker is a perpetual student. However, he also spent 20 years as the inaugural Head of the Wesley Institute Graduate School of Counselling and conducted a thriving private practice with Shiloh Counselling and Consulting and is a long term member of the APS College of Clinical Psychologists and a Life member of the Christian Counsellors Association. Over the years Dr Barker has developed a deep interest and passion for good supervision practice and since his retirement from academia has established Supervision Central to provide quality supervision for supervisors and clinicians. Graham has been married to Alexis for 50+ years and has three children and five grandchildren, a love for books and the NRL Dragons.