Supervision 101 Melbourne 2018

This programme is designed to provide training for experienced therapists in the art and practice of counsellor supervision. Supervision 101 is an approved ACA supervision course and designed to meet the 2017 PACFA formal supervision training standards and therefore participants need to be eligible for listing on the PACFA register. It is also necessary to complete10 hours of post-course supervision experience and therefore participants need to access one or more supervisees for these hours. Dr Barker is willing to provide 2 hours of your supervision requirement as part of your programme.

As a result of completing this programme a participant will be able to:

  • Define the role and function of supervision
  • Articulate the key differences between the models of supervision
  • Discover the supervision model within which they are most comfortable
  • Articulate the key principles and practice issues in supervision
  • Understand the legal/ethical considerations in supervision
  • Identify the stages in counsellor and supervisor development
  • Demonstrate the best practice methods and techniques in supervision

Programme Schedule and readings from Bernard, J. M & Goodyear, R.K (2013) Fundamentals of Clinical Supervision. Upper Saddle NJ: Pearson Education (Best purchased used online. Be sure to purchase the blue version with the “seagulls” on the cover.)

Cost : $1100 (GST INC)

Venue: Melbourne City College Level 9 120 Spencer Street. Melbourne


Session #1

Chapters 1 and 3


  • Introduction to roles and functions of supervision
  • Key principles and practice issues in supervision
  • Central Guidelines for supervisors



Session #2

Chapters 2 and 4


  • Major models of supervision
  • Developmental stages of Counsellors
  • Developmental stages of Supervisors
  • Key factors in reflective practice. Practice of reflective practice.



Session #3

Chapters 5 and 11


  • Cultural and contextual issues in supervision
  • Ethical and Legal considerations for supervisors
  • Case study/practice of ethical issues.



Session #4

Chapters 9 and 12


  • Methods of observation and monitoring of supervision practice
  • Developing your own supervision framework. Supervision practice.    


Session # 5

Live supervision experience with selected counsellor



Assessment #1.

(A) Conduct a 50 min supervision session with a selected counsellor during Session 5 . (B) provide a 1000 word reflection upon your use of your model during your supervision including the quality of your supervisory skills and grasp of the supervision process. Due Date: October 27th                                                  

Assessment #2.                                                                                                          

Complete a 50 true/false open- book questionnaire covering the key components of the programme and return it with your supervision log of nine extra hours of live supervision. Due Date: Session 5

For information on registering, email Dr. Graham Barker at: