For professionals we provide a service whereby we supervise the way you do supervision with your supervisees rather than supervise the way they are fulfilling their responsibilities. In other words we supervise your supervisory process not the quality of your supervisees. We do not purport to be expert in all fields of endeavour but we do know supervision. For example, we may not be expert solicitors but we can assist senior solicitors with their supervision of those for whom they have a supervisory responsibility.

As a professional supervisor your prime responsibility is to provide quality service to your supervisees. New regulations require that your supervision practice needs to be under supervision as well as the clinicians you supervise. To meet that need Supervision Central provides process supervision to supervisors. The concept of process supervision is derived from the practice of supervising the way supervision is conducted rather than a focus upon the content of the supervision session. There are several valid ways to provide supervision that are compatible with the variety of  needs presented by your supervisee. Process Supervision monitors and enhances that compatibility.

In practice this means that Process Supervision can be applied to almost any situation where human services delivery is provided. The Supervision Central supervisor does not necessarily need to be familiar with all of the details under your supervision rather, the method and model of supervision becomes the focus. Theoretically this can be applied to all professions that require human supervision.

This service is provided via Skype and face-to-face modalities.